edge student ministries

Want to learn more about edge?  Take a look at the information below and let us know if you have any questions. Edge Student Ministries has been cultivated for more than ten years to meet the needs of your student, while growing knowledge of the Bible, relationships with each other, and with Jesus Christ. A weekly schedule of student gatherings is below.

10AM   Bible Study
11AM   Worship
6PM      Connect Groups (Small Groups) - please feel free to ask for more information about location and dates

5:30PM   Instrument Lessons for Band (please ask for more information)
6PM        Youth Band Practice
7PM        EDGE Worship and Bible Study

EDGE STUDENT MINISTRIES has an action-packed year planned!

Revolution Weekend is an exciting weekend of Bible study, discipleship, and worship at First Baptist Church.  Students spend the night in area homes according to age groups, and college students are assigned to homes as group leaders.  A worship band leads music in large-group gatherings throughout the weekend and a guest pastor speaks to the students as well.  Mission projects, fun and games, and wonderful food can be expected as well!  To sign up or for more information, please see Jonathon for more information.

Camp Eagle in Rock Springs, TX is a fun-filled adventure camp that is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your student!  Students prepare to go to camp throughout the year by taking part in fundraisers to help fund camp.  First Baptist Church is dedicated to making sure your student has the support needed to have a great week at camp.

The Edge Student Ministry worship team is growing!  If a student has a desire to learn an instrument, we want to help them learn.  Each Wednesday evening at 5:30PM, Tim Greeson offers instrument lessons in the Edge Room upstairs for any interested student.  This is a powerful way to teach our students how to be the lead worshipers of the future for Christ's Church.  The band practices after lessons at 6PM, and leads music at the Edge Student gathering at 7PM.  Students will typically fellowship for 10-15 minutes, play a game to lighten the mood, then the band will play and the students will worship for 15-20 minutes, and our youth minister will bring a sermon.  Our average attendance for Edge Student gatherings is 45-65 students depending on the week.