connect groups

We value discipleship and relationships.  We feel like one of the best ways to improve both of these areas is through Connect Groups.  Our small group ministry (Connect Groups) were designed to allow each group to take on its own identity based on regular attenders, while having a larger, singular identity: make disciples, be vulnerable, study the Word, pray for one-another, and love the community.

Each group finds fellowship to be a vital  part of Connect Group, but the purpose is much greater.  To make disciples, we must know one-another.  This can only happen through small, manageable groups of people spending time together.  To be vulnerable, we must share needs as we deepen relationships.  As these areas improve, the time spend studying the Word is enriching and authentic.  To love the community is to be reminded of the need that exists outside of the Connect Group.  Each group pools resources to carry out a "community serve" project on an annual basis.  This allows the Group to grow closer to each other while having an opportunity to share testimony and invite others to join us.  For more information, continue reading below!

connect prayer group

This group meets each Wednesday in the First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall at 7PM.  Led by Craig Forrester, the group works through a short passage of Scripture before devoting the rest of the available time to prayer.  If you are a prayer warrior or interested in spending more time with others that have a passion to pray, this is your group!

Each Wednesday night at 6:30 our Women's ministry has a small group that meets at Prasek's to get together, fellowship and have a discussion centered around the past Sunday's sermon. This is a great time to decompress and enjoy the company of other women.